McHood Latest News, Videos and Pictures

3 Audio Teachings That Are A MUST for all the family !

           1   What is Eternal Life – Really ?         

           2   God’s Kind Of Love To YOU !             

             Basic\’s Of Spirit, Soul and Body

gardenofthegods1This website is being put together for all our family videos and pictures. Feel free to download or use any of these videos or pictures for your personal family website too.

The Jim and Lynn McHood extended family includes our 3 children and their spouses who are a big part of the family too — Bobby and Diane McHood, Laurie and Carlos Sepulveda,  Kelley and Robert Morris.

We have 9 grandchildren from ages 13 to 3 month’s — Arthur, Lupita, Issac, Jessica, Giovanni, Michalea, Chelsea, Reyna and Mia !

Mom’s 80th Birthday Party — A Solo Tribute 

Mom’s 80th Birthday Tribute – Jim and Lynn McHood and Family


Kim Clauser Trip To Costa Rica !

LATEST 4 Min. VIDEO:  Here is the latest video slide show to music with everyone in our immediate family including new photos of Mia !  Carlos birthday rafting trip with Laurie, Lynn and I — plus many other surprises. Make a comment below.

 Grandma and Grandpa took Lupita and Giovanni skating over Spring Break in March 2009 … this is a photo slide show from my new camera !!

Xmas 2006 in Monument – 9 Minute Video. Includes Reyna at 2 month’s with Jessica. This was the last Xmas where all 3 of our children, their spouses and our all 8 grandchildren were there ! Mia was not born yet. See Arthur kiss his mom and all the boys play games ! Post your comments below !!

Karoke Time Anyone ? 45 Second Action Packed Video — See Diana, Bobby, Arthur, Issac and Jessica Rock !

Amazing Jakes With Everyone From Phoenix March 15, 2009 – Action packed day of fun and surprises… see Chelsea and Michalea climb the rock ! Bobby on a motorcycle, Jessica, Arthur and Issac play lazer tag ! Diana, Lynn and little Mia taking all in. I heard Robert and Kelley actually ate 5 times that day !! Is that true ? Post your comment below !

Jim and Lynn Ordination For Phase 2 of Our Ministry !  This is only a 10 Minute Video – so watch it and please POST a comment below ! Thanks to you all…